Friday, 24 February 2012

Chocolate Outside the Kitchen

I am an absolutely untreatable chocoholic. I always crave chocolate - any time night or day. Recently, pampering myself with choccy has gone beyond the edible chocolate, thanks to a cosmetic line discovered in a local shop Natura (I know that Body Shop has recently released similar line, a bit more pricey, yet not quite what I like - can't put my finger on it, but to me it lacks something). I think the first time I bought the chocolate cosmetics as retail therapy when it was getting all grey, wet and horrible outside. As I remember it worked miracles :)
The entire line is based on chocolate with a slight note of orange scent. Divine! And it is just as addictive as eating chocolate is :) I would have my morning bath religiously every weekend - is there anything better than a room filled with chocolate scent, with a bubble bath? On a cold, winter morning - certainly not!

The first item I bought was a bath essence, and fell for it immediately. A small amount of it fills the bath with bubbles in no time. It can be used on its own - even dry skin like mine is moisturised and ever so slightly smells of chocolate.
The bath caviar, on the other hand, I found somewhat disappointing. Though I followed the instructions on the bottle, I would say that it is hardly noticeable - neither the smell, nor any effect on the skin, not even bubbles in the bath! First tried to add some more (and some more again :) , but eventually I gave up. It doesn't do it for me :(
On days when there's not enough time for a morning bath the shower gel does does the job fantastically - it leaves the skin smooth, moisturised and, of course, smelling of chocolate.
The peeling is by far one of the best ones I've used - not too harsh on the skin, but strong enough to leave the skin smooth, the effects on the elbows and knees are spectacular!

The body butter enhances the effects of the bath essence and shower gel - boosts the skin moisture without leaving an unpleasant greasy film on it, and gives it the fabulous chocolate smell that stays on the whole day.
The most recent discovery, I suppose more suitable for spring than dark chocolate - I've just purchased a white chocolate shower gel - and it's just as fantastic as the dark chocolate line.

The only downside of this line is that the smell of chocolate is so strong, and so real that it might be hard to resist the temptation to eat it! ;-)

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