Thursday, 7 June 2012

My Take on Chinese

Today's recipe is inspired by my favourite meal at a Chinese restaurant we frequent. Actually, less and less often, as the service is going downhill there. Anyway, that served as motivation to try to replicate the meal I enjoy so much - sweet and sour chicken with soy noodles. I also decided to "lean" it a bit - the restaurant version of the dish has deep fried batter chicken, mine wasn't deep fried, nor did it have batter, but it was very enjoyable nonetheless! ;-)

For the sauce I used:

1 large can of pineapple
1 cup honey
3 tbsps dark soy sauce
3 tsps ginger powder
half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon
1-2 tbsps of tomato puree
2 tsps of lemon juice
1 tsp tamarind paste
salt and pepper
1 tsp corn flour

Put the pineapple into a pan, pour in the syrup from the can, add honey, soy sauce, ginger powder, ground cinnamon, tomato puree, tamarind paste and lemon juice. Stir all ingredients and simmer until they blend. Season the sauce with salt and pepper. Dilute corn flour in water (in a separate cup), then stir the mixture into the sauce and bring to boil. Reduce the heat, simmer for further few minutes, then add the chicken.
Chicken preparation:

1 chicken breast (double)
salt, pepper, ginger powder, a pinch of chili powder, a pinch of ground cardamon
oil for frying

Wash the meat and dry with paper towel. Dice into large cubes, season and sprinkle with ginger powder, chili and cardamon. Pre-heat the oil on the frying pan, and fry the chicken, stirring from time to time. It's ready when it gets golden brown on all sides. Move the meat into the sweet and sour sauce, stir well and serve.
I served it with soy noodles - prepared according to the instructions on the packet, but adding a few drops of soy sauce into the water. Once the noodles are ready, you may fry them in soy sauce to enhance the flavour. 

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